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556 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Ethan Sherbondy 556 days ago
Ethan S End of Year Meeting: 5/13/2016
Agenda / notes:
  • Overview/tour of beekeeping setup on roof.
  • Go over "Experienced Membership Agreement" and administrivia...
  • Seeking a new treasurer! Election?
  • ... still looking...
  • Overview/tour of beekeeping setup on the roof.
  • Acrylic sticker signage design and approval to place on reading room window?
  • Check with copytech or go with danger awesome...
  • Tentative design
  • Deciding on communication tools & events calendar (facebook vs. google calendar), keep using hackpad or some other wiki / document tool. Share group google docs folder with all club members.
  • Reach out to Phil Walsh about outdoor storage bin and any loose ends? 
  • Removing the second door now that keycard access is in place?
  • Ideas for events for summer and fall? Reach out to Harvard undergraduate beekeepers?
  • Mention local organizations: BABA: could host a BABA event at MIT (Jonathan did this last year)
  • Lobby 10 booth?
  • Too late for activities midway?
Share list of resources with club:
  • Google Docs:
  • Google Calendar:
  • Google Drive:
  • Facebook Group:
556 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ethan Sherbondy 556 days ago
Ethan S Project Ideas & Collaborations 2016
Research Projects:
Kevin Slavin @ Playful Systems
Biological Sampling
Alex Slocum @ Course 2: Keeps Bees... should continue contact...
Reach back out to Linda Griffith about Faculty Advisor role:
3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing?
John Fernandez in Course 4: Environmental Initiative... Campus as a Lab
MIT news story? Followup with MIT news office.
Photography projects! 
Felice Frankel...
Mixer with community gardener club!
Harvard Undergraduate Beekeepers...
Field trip to harvest honey from Endicott House bees in August and give away. Possible uses:
  • Campus dining... fun event to have a chef sponsor using honey from club.
  • Bon Apetit does kitchen rentals and demos...
  • Cooking class? Interactive...
  • Mark is going to be a GRT at Random Hall, maybe hold an event
Host a symposium / research conference related to beekeeping in the fall?
Build more beehive boxes at the hobbyshop and paint them fun colors.
556 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ethan Sherbondy 556 days ago
Ethan S Club Emergency Contact List
Tom Gearty (has bee suit, works in course 4)
Personal #: 617-515-4851
Office Desk #: 617-253-3951
556 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ethan Sherbondy 556 days ago
Ethan S MIT ASA Group Account Page (to update officers, etc.):
Main Account 2859738
Funding Account 2859739
815 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Jonathan Abbott 815 days ago
  • Be at the Activities Midway
  • Run event at the MIT museum
  • Make more hives (especially coat them)!
Jonathan A
  • Another Endicott House Visit
815 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Jonathan Abbott 815 days ago
  • Reach out to MIT Gardeners club (got reply, not much interest)
  • Reach out to Endicott House
  • Endicott house is very interested. Jonathan will go to visit July 16th.
  • Explore nw locations of campus (nothing on ground, roofs?)
  • Make final sign (being done by Media lab group)
  • Ethan to pick up bees July 3 or 4
  • Email sent to all of MIT (not needed)
  • Website updated (no fb pics, but events posted)
  • Build hives (Tuesday June 30)
  • Most materials purchased
  • Website fb error + new location + pics
Jonathan A
  • Couldn't be on MIT's campus for fall as constuction on West Parking Garage =/
864 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jonathan Abbott 864 days ago
Jonathan A Hive Progress
Hive Visit July 10, 2015
Both best bee hives were well. Boiled linseed oil drying in 12 hours seemed close, but they did ok.
Both were drawing comb
Feed each 1 quart sugarwater (1 quart h20, 1 lb sugar). Also added honeybee healthy + amino acid booster.
Feed with quart baggies with small holes. Jars with punchers did not work. Might want to design our own hive feeder or buy one
Added super to each (probably didn't need it yet, but this gave space for a feed and makes it easier for the future)
Also swapped the frames horizontally on both hives to encourage more growth.
May need to have more food give in a week.
Didn't start sticky pads (probably could have on one of the hives.
Should take off the super medium boxes that were screwed together and paint with linseed oil (+decorate if desired). Will need another one ready though.
To buy soon:
More mediums (frames + precut boxes)
1 or 2 swarm catchers + bait
Members (12)
Ethan Sherbondy Jonathan Abbott Avinash Gannamaneni Albert Chi cdorothy@mit.edu Daniel Bernoulli Jillian S Katz mhj@mit.edu cwarner@mit.edu hiji@mit.edu djparker@mit.edu natashab@mit.edu

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